Black Visual Artist Chat – Terrance Scott


Terrance is an extraordinary professional visual artist and engineer who is constantly evolving his craft. Like so many teenagers, Terrance’ rebellious spirit often led him into trouble. However, through tremendous determination and his unwavering pursuit of education, Terrance has undergone a complete transformation into a sagacious man. It was an absolute honor to converse with such a remarkable black visual artist. May you gain some necessary encouragement to help you navigate your own creative path.

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Black Visual Artist Chat – David Snipes


David is an exceptional emerging visual artist with the ability to use multiple mediums to express his creativity. He has truly developed his own signature style in his craft. With his talent, and business acumen, David has made his presence known across the DC metropolitan area. These attributes will prove beneficial in David’s longevity as a professional artist. Gain a deeper perspective into David’s artistry, as well as his personal journey.

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Black Visual Artist Chat – Joel Ulmer


Joel Ulmer is an emerging artist who is definitely creating buzz with his artistry. His pieces span from classic 90s movie characters to depicting historical issues affecting people of the African diaspora. It was an absolute pleasure listening to this young black visual artist talk about his journey. The discussion also gave me additional perspective into chartering my own creative path.

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