Black Visual Artist Chat – Ryan Leary


Whether Ryan is creating visually compelling pieces of the Moors, brothers and sisters donning their natural hair, or intimate moments between black men and women – there is no denying her immense love for the African diaspora. Her art sends a constant reminder to the black community that our heavily melanated bodies are a gift. Gain deeper insight on Ryan’s artistic and personal evolution in our conversation.

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Black Art Org Spotlight – Above Art Studios


Here’s some background info about Above Art Studios from its director – Dontae “Dtox” Muse (IG @dtoxdtreeman):

Above Art Studios was a sketch that turned into a work of art. Initially my business partner (Wilford Charles) and I sought out a space where we could host music events, as our background is in audio art not visual art. During the process I went to visit an artist friend of ours to get a custom pair of sneakers for a music video we were shooting  and he mentioned wanted to start his own gallery. He since changed his mind but the fire was lit in my heart and people asking me how I would accomplish it without any formal Art History or MFA background was the battery in my back.

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Black Art Org Spotlight – Exhibit Treal


During my interview with Jamaal Clark, he gave some background info about Exhibit Treal. Here’s some additional info about the organization. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Exhibit Treal was established by visual artist Jason “Jafleu” Fleurant (@jafleu) along with co-founders and fellow artists – Tracy Guiteau (@guiteauart) and Jamaal “Visualist” Clark (@visualist412) in December of 2014. The organization is a non-profit in collaboration with Palm Beach Multicultural Organization and West Palm Beach Carnival. It’s mission is to provide more opportunities for black artists and other artists of color as well as use art as a tool to bring about social change in the community. Whether they’re using art to educate high school students or as a means to help mothers grieve who have lost children from gun violence, the Exhibit Treal team is fostering a vibrant arts atmosphere that entertains, empowers, and inspires.

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