Black Art Org Spotlight – Exhibit Treal


During my interview with Jamaal Clark, he gave some background info about Exhibit Treal. Here’s some additional info about the organization. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Exhibit Treal was established by visual artist Jason “Jafleu” Fleurant (@jafleu) along with co-founders and fellow artists – Tracy Guiteau (@guiteauart) and Jamaal “Visualist” Clark (@visualist412) in December of 2014. The organization is a non-profit in collaboration with Palm Beach Multicultural Organization and West Palm Beach Carnival. It’s mission is to provide more opportunities for black artists and other artists of color as well as use art as a tool to bring about social change in the community. Whether they’re using art to educate high school students or as a means to help mothers grieve who have lost children from gun violence, the Exhibit Treal team is fostering a vibrant arts atmosphere that entertains, empowers, and inspires.

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