Black Art Org Spotlight – Above Art Studios


Here’s some background info about Above Art Studios from its director – Dontae “Dtox” Muse (IG @dtoxdtreeman):

Above Art Studios was a sketch that turned into a work of art. Initially my business partner (Wilford Charles) and I sought out a space where we could host music events, as our background is in audio art not visual art. During the process I went to visit an artist friend of ours to get a custom pair of sneakers for a music video we were shooting  and he mentioned wanted to start his own gallery. He since changed his mind but the fire was lit in my heart and people asking me how I would accomplish it without any formal Art History or MFA background was the battery in my back.


We received the keys to Above Art Studios on October 1, 2017. We renovated for two months and then had an opening exhibition event December 10, 2017 for our supporters which turned out great. The renovation would have been shorter had we outsourced more labor, but of course that meant more expenses, so we did the majority of the work ourselves with very little carpentry or electrical experience. (Google and Youtube are your friends). We even built the performance stage by hand straight from my mind, no blueprint, few measurements.

Our purpose is to serve the artists. Our goal is to be the place where people who value and appreciate talent and creativity will come to find great works of art that they can call their own and bring into their homes or offices and add to their family. We want to be the bridge between passion and appreciation.


This year so far we have my birthday event for starters! We have already launched our successful poetry slam series #paintedpoetry this year but the next thing not to miss is February 21, 2017 for my birthday party. It’s a body painting exhibition rightfully named “The Birthday Suit” Exhibition. The next “Painted Poetry” event is March 3, 2017 where we feature dope poets and live painting. February 25, 2017 we are blessed to have our first solo exhibition by very talented artist Kervin Andre aka Akomics (@akomicsart) and we have a live “Art Battle” taking place on April 29, 2017 where artists will battle head to head in three rounds of times live painting with judges and the audience ranking the winners. We are available as a rental if you want to have a private event, (exhibit, fundraiser, babyshower, etc.) All tickets sold on for events.



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