Eternal Illumination Press Release

Check out the details below for artist Khaldun Oluwa’s upcoming event Eternal Illumination.




Preparing artwork from the "Cultural Preservation" series

Eternal Blackness Art is pleased to present an exhibit of new works by artists Khaldun Oluwa, Alan Grimes, and Zana Sanders of ZANDERLAND Productions. The exhibition entitled “Eternal Illumination” will debut on April 15, 2017 from 7PM-10PM. The self-curated exhibit will be held at Snake Nation, 239 Walker Street, Atlanta, GA in the historic Castleberry Hill district.

The “Eternal Illumination” exhibit will explore the dynamic cultural richness and heritage of the African Diaspora.  The immersive exhibition will feature a “Cultural Preservation” series and a provocative digital art installation entitled “The Black Spectacle” by ZANDERLAND.  “The Black Spectacle” aims to scrutinize the use of mediated imagery in the presentation of blackness as found within dominant media culture.

The collaborative exhibition is designed to project Black empowerment, integrity, elevation, and relativity.  The artists evoked the collaboration out of the need to disseminate powerful representations of blackness. “Eternal Illumination” serves to counteract the negative impact of the dehumanizing imagery of Black culture that is perpetuated in mainstream media. The artists view the exhibition as “a necessity manifested during a culturally significant moment in the United States and around the world….as WE resist against hegemonic control of mediated culture, resist against the exploitation of Black culture, resist against the marginalization of Black bodies throughout the diaspora.”

Khaldun Oluwa brings his distinctive style, voice, and bold imagery to the engaging exhibition.  Khaldun Oluwa continues to disrupt the collective consciousness and the art world with “Eternal Illumination.”  Khaldun Oluwa describes the work as an extension of consciousness stating, “My art is subconscious activity entering conscious thought. I try to capture the abstract, faint, ever fleeting figments of my imagination and by using color, textures, and imagery I can articulate my perception. The intention of all my work is to stimulate the conscious levels of thought.”

In collaboration with Eternal Blackness Art, ZANDERLAND’s “The Black Spectacle” will expose viewers to the experimental and avant garde style of emerging digital artist and filmmaker, Zana Sanders.  Sanders states “the content of my work evolves around the creation and exploration of the Black aesthetic as found throughout the diaspora” and refers to the ZANDERLAND project as providing “an intense juxtaposition” that “works collectively with Eternal Blackness Art in cultivating a black aesthetic capable of capturing and portraying the multifaceted, yet universally connected, Black experience.”

For further information about Khaldun Oluwa of Eternal Blackness Art and Zana Sanders of ZANDERLAND Productions, please visit the artists’ websites at and respectively.  Additional pictures and artist statements available upon request.


Issued by: Zana Sanders

On behalf of: Eternal Blackness Art and ZANDERLAND Productions


Contact Information:

Khaldun Oluwa


Zana Sanders

PH: 678-237-9597


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