Artist Collective Redefining The Black Aesthetic


It is such an honor to collaborate with an exceptional artist collective – Zanderland Productions and Eternal Blackness Art. Headed by Zana Sanders and Khaldun Oluwa, the collective is revolutionizing the way we use art to engage and empower those within the African Diaspora. You’re probably already familiar with Khaldun, the prolific oil painter who I interviewed back in February. With his spectacular masterpieces and Zana’s compelling video production, they are ushering in a new era of Black ingenuity.


They challenge us to think critically about mainstream media and how corporate conglomerates continually use it to ravage the Black psyche. It is definitely another form of psychological warfare that aids in our oppression. With this understanding, the dynamic duo and I are on a mission to dictate our own narrative and produce culturally-rich projects that exposes our divine truth as members of the global Black community. I’m excited to embark on this new journey with Zanderland Productions and Eternal Blackness Art as we continue to enlighten, revitalize, and uplift our people. Get a glimpse of their creative genius by viewing some of their projects below.

Encryption Algorithm

Encryption Algorithm (IG @encryptionalgorithmbrand) is a technology-based apparel company that is focused on re-branding artistic expression. It produces a participatory experience with art using Quick Response code technology. Check out the commercial below and get your #encryptedswag here:


The MIXTAPE is a visual compilation of past projects including artist spotlights, and exhibitions.

Eternal Illumination

Eternal Illumination is a promo video for Khaldun’s art exhibition, which took place this past April.

the BLACK $pectacle 

This short film analyzes media manipulation and how it has been used historically and currently to denigrate black people on a global scale.

Visit the artist collective’s individual pages below for more information. Stay tuned for upcoming monumental artistic endeavors!


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