Self-Published Author Dr. Portia K. Wayne Launches Two Children’s Books

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Dr. Portia K. Wayne, Ed. D. is a stay-at-home mom and a freelance writer residing in the Atlanta metro area. A graduate of Spelman College and Doctor of Education, Wayne awes audiences with funny stories sure to tickle the hearts of little ones. To date, Dr. Wayne recently released two self-published African-American children’s books titled, A Bad Hair Day and Booger Bites: A Nose Picker’s Battle with an Icky, Sticky Habit. Visit her website at or feel free to review the books on Amazon. Both of the books feature brilliant illustrations by Atlanta’s own – Khaldun Oluwa of Eternal Blackness Art. Learn more about each of her books below.

A Bad Hair Day

A Bad Hair Day

A Bad Hair Day details a young African-American girl’s disdain for getting her natural hair done. The book is inspired by Wayne’s daughter, who like the story’s main character, would rather be doing anything else rather than going through the long, arduous process of yet another “Hair Day.”

“For me, getting my hair done was always a constant battle. My mom would throw out words like ‘thick’, ‘tenderheaded’, ‘hot comb.’ These were all warning words it was going to be a very bad day. The idea of A Bad Hair Day came to me from my daughter going through the same thing that my cousins and I went through with our hair as little girls. I learned our experiences transcended generations,” said Wayne, who self-published the book. “And it is this shared experience amongst us that connects us. I want this book to touch young girls of color and help them connect with the value of our hair culture, no matter how they wear their hair.”

The book also includes a poem, How I Wear My Hair, doting on the numerous ways girls of color style their tresses.

“It is impertinent women of color embrace and be prideful of our hair culture and most importantly, that we promote hair love amongst our daughters.”

Images and details of the book can be found online at:

A Bad Hair Day can be purchased here on Amazon.


Booger Bites: A Nose Picker’s Battle with an Icky, Sticky Habit


Booger Bites is a shamefully, disgusting tale of a young boy who loves to eat his boogers. Most kids like pizza or macaroni and cheese the most, but not this guy. Boogers are at the top of his favorite eats list. This gross story details an avid nose picker’s battle with kicking the icky, sticky habit of (you guessed it) booger eating. The tale is sure to delight even the pickiest of readers.

“When I was in the second grade, a girl named Taj ate boogers. My husband had a first grade classmate, named Sam. You never forget the booger eaters in your life. Something about them sticks with you,” Wayne says laughing. “Now my youngest son is a booger eater and it is so funny to the rest of the family.”

Images and details of the book can be found online at:

Booger Bites can be purchased here on Amazon.

**Books are also available at Nubian Bookstore in Morrow, GA.**

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