“The Monopolized Project” Completion, Open House, and ZANDERLAND Design Studio


During the course of three weeks, Zana Sanders and Khaldun Oluwa have been diligently constructing “The Monopolized Project” art installation. As you’ve seen in my previous postA Glimpse of “The Monopolized Project,” the artist collective began with an empty voluminous venue at Abrams Creative Space. Within a short time span, their ingenious spurred a spectacular rendition of a dilapidated urban community; adjacent to a stunning ebony goddess reigning over a utopia.

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From Podcasts to Films to Art Exhibits – Artist Collective Reverberating Black Universal Truth via Multimedia

From podcasts to films to art exhibits - Artist Collective Reverberating Black Universal Truth via Multimedia (1)

Back in June I introduced you to an artist collective as well as my official announcement of becoming the newest member. Since then, Zana Sanders (ZANDERLAND Productions), Khaldun Oluwa (Eternal Blackness Art), and I (The Black Art Fanatic) have unleashed a number of culturally nourishing projects. Here is a recap of these artistic endeavors as well as a brief description of each member.

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A Glimpse of “The Monopolized Project”

A Glimpse of Monopolized Zanderland (2)

A Glimpse of Monopolized Eternal Blackness Art

Zana Sanders, the superb independent filmmaker behind the 4:20 DECYPHER web series and podcast, is currently working on a new endeavor – “The Monopolized Project.” It will officially be unveiled next month in conjunction with a new artistic masterpiece by Khaldun Oluwa. Below is Zana’s special 4:20 session; detailing her artistic motivations for “The Monopolized Project.” Additionally, there is some captivating footage of the artist collective’s progress including a Facebook Live 4:20 DECYPHER chat released earlier today on set! More details about this momentous occasion are coming soon, follow the artists on their social media platforms for daily updates!

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