Musings on 420 DECYPHER “FREE BURNING” Podcast

My Musings on 420 Decypher Podcast Episode 2

After watching the second part of the 4:20 DECYPHER web series and listening to the accompanying extended release, I was overwhelmed by a range of thoughts. The hosts Zana Sanders and Khaldun Oluwa brought it again with the riveting dialogue. They moved me to create a free verse poem – The Awakened Spirit which is detailed below.

The corrupt power structure keeps violating the Black brain, trying to maintain this system of oppressive reign.

Where we remain the most hated because of this pigment that adorns our spirit.

Unaware of that melanin and its divine intent, plentiful in those with black and brown skin.

The culture vultures taking advantage of this gift that allows us to manifest our higher selves – attacking it from every angle, keeping us in a state of chaos.

Indoctrinated with the false security that our degrees will free us from this hostility.

But we get abused even more, drifting further away from our core. How can we ever feel whole when pursuing these illusionary goals? Placing the most value in the things we use, neglecting our eternal souls.

We’re taught to equate freedom with cars, chains, rings, and other things. While we give rappers high praises for spitting mediocre phrases. Abandoning our Black brilliance to stay turnt up in this tyranny.

I’m not exempt from the debauchery, I’m a victim as well. A Black man seeking fulfillment while traversing this Hell. But gravity is pulling me back towards the ancestral mindframe. Revealing the divine essence that was long hidden from my presence.

It’s universal forces at play, much stronger than any politician, celebrity, or preacher. Offsetting this system built on fallacy, giving birth to a new reality.

Knowledge of self is the key to spiritual rejuvenation, stimulating an advanced form of communication.

The magnificence that will arise only time will tell, once we relinquish ourselves from the white supremacists’ spell.  

Check out the 4:20 web series Smokeless Fire From The Burning Bush Part 2 and the podcast Episode 2 Free Burning below.


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