A Glimpse of “The Monopolized Project”

A Glimpse of Monopolized Zanderland (2)

A Glimpse of Monopolized Eternal Blackness Art

Zana Sanders, the superb independent filmmaker behind the 4:20 DECYPHER web series and podcast, is currently working on a new endeavor – “The Monopolized Project.” It will officially be unveiled next month in conjunction with a new artistic masterpiece by Khaldun Oluwa. Below is Zana’s special 4:20 session; detailing her artistic motivations for “The Monopolized Project.” Additionally, there is some captivating footage of the artist collective’s progress including a Facebook Live 4:20 DECYPHER chat released earlier today on set! More details about this momentous occasion are coming soon, follow the artists on their social media platforms for daily updates!

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Construction continues on day 11…does this scene remind you of a neighborhood from your present or your past? We all know this scene. Some of us only know from seeing it on tv or movies. Some of us have survived it. Some of us are still fighting to get out. Some of us will never leave. Some of us only see blight but I see all the beauty from all of the hoods around the world. This is "Baltimore Ave" but it also "West End," "SWAT," "9th Ward," "Magnolia," "Bankhead," "Bowen Homes," "Cabrini-Green," "across 125th street," "Queensbridge," "Project Row," "Saint John's," "Pork and Beans project," "The Tenderloin," "Nickerson Gardens," "Brewster-Douglass," "Butler Place," "The Carter,"…..etc. The list of hoods this could be goes on and on and on…#thisisbaltimoreavenue #ahoodnearyou #repyourset #rollcall #monopolized #themonopolizedproject #comingtoarealitynearyou #atl #westend #swats #seethebeautyaroundyou

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