From Podcasts to Films to Art Exhibits – Artist Collective Reverberating Black Universal Truth via Multimedia

From podcasts to films to art exhibits - Artist Collective Reverberating Black Universal Truth via Multimedia (1)

Back in June I introduced you to an artist collective as well as my official announcement of becoming the newest member. Since then, Zana Sanders (ZANDERLAND Productions), Khaldun Oluwa (Eternal Blackness Art), and I (The Black Art Fanatic) have unleashed a number of culturally nourishing projects. Here is a recap of these artistic endeavors as well as a brief description of each member.

Zana Sanders (ZANDERLAND Productions)


With her superb video production capabilities, Zana Sanders is reinterpreting the Black aesthetic. Her media platform, ZANDERLAND Productions, features a resounding repertoire of potent content. She channels the griots of West Africa, complementing her compelling visuals with enticing narration. The resulting blend is exquisite storytelling rooted in Black brilliance.


4:20 DECYPHER is a web series and podcast that Zana graced us with last month. In the web series Khaldun Oluwa provides a deeper perspective of his exemplary oil paintings. The podcast is an extension of the web series in which Zana and Khaldun carry a critical discussion about Black artistry and culture.


Zana is currently working on her latest film, “Monopolized,” which will debut in September along with “The Monopolized Project.”

Khaldun Oluwa (Eternal Blackness Art)


Khaldun Oluwa is a remarkable oil painter. His work is the manifestation of various transformative experiences, wisdom, and self-realization. Khaldun is using his craft as a liberating tool for the Black community. In this regard, his moniker, Eternal Blackness is so fitting to his artistry. He unmasks the gloriousness of melanin dominant people, reactivating the divineness within. The paintings are so magnificently executed that it is inevitable for them to spark a multitude of conversations among the viewers.

“The Monopolized Project”

Khaldun is using his supreme artistic talents to design “The Monopolized Project” art installation complementing Zana’s film – Monopolized.”

Darryl Lewis (The Black Art Fanatic)

The Black Art Fanatic (2)

The Black Art Fanatic highlights astounding Black artistry with various content such as interviews, reflection pieces, event spotlights, and other resources which are often neglected by the mainstream art world. The Black Art Fanatic is also the primary platform for promoting the artist collective’s initiatives. The blog is more than just art though, it is also a means to build, unify, and raise the collective consciousness of the Black community.

Musings of 420 DECYPHER web series/podcast SMOKE AND MIRRORS and FREE BURNING

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A Glimpse of The Monopolized Project

The artist collective features a mixture of artistic elements – cinematography, fine art, writing, and oration. With each element, we intend to reinvigorate the Black psyche and influence a new era of self-reliance. We understand that Black people can only authentically express their narratives with complete ownership of their intellectual property. That is the quintessence of empowerment. With this concept in mind, we are on the pathway to launching an epic movement bursting with exceptional Black creativity.


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