“The Monopolized Project” Completion, Open House, and ZANDERLAND Design Studio


During the course of three weeks, Zana Sanders and Khaldun Oluwa have been diligently constructing “The Monopolized Project” art installation. As you’ve seen in my previous postA Glimpse of “The Monopolized Project,” the artist collective began with an empty voluminous venue at Abrams Creative Space. Within a short time span, their ingenious spurred a spectacular rendition of a dilapidated urban community; adjacent to a stunning ebony goddess reigning over a utopia.

As “The Monopolized Project” Art Director and Set Designer, Khaldun ensured that Eternal Blackness radiated throughout the vicinity. Although his preferred medium is oil paint, the art installation forced Khaldun to expand his boundaries and utilize acrylics. Resultingly, the endeavor has cemented a new creative epoch for the remarkable painter. Zana, Executive Producer and Director, compiled some engrossing footage of these glorious moments in the final stages of “The Monopolized Project.” The latest episode of 4:20 DECYPHER was also recorded from the set!

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Open House

Last Friday, Zana and Khaldun hosted an Open House for “The Monopolized Project.” Attendees were able to converse with the artists and receive their personal reflections about the art installation. It was also a joyous occasion for Zana and Khaldun to celebrate this milestone with their family members and friends. Snapshots from the event are provided below!

Abrams Creative Space (Khaldun and Pops Goldee)

Khaldun Oluwa and a close family friend


Khaldun’s oil painting – “Native Soul”


ZANDERLAND Productions business cards


Zana Sanders engaging with attendees


Zana and her wife


Khaldun and his wife


“The Monopolized Project” art installation and “Monopolized” film will debut 9.23.17

ZANDERLAND Design Studio

Along with “The Monopolized Project,” Zana also launched ZANDERLAND Design Studio. For creatives looking for set designs, ZANDERLAND Design Studio is able to provide an assortment of custom hand-painted canvas backdrops crafted by Khaldun. Contact them for inquiries.


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