“The Monopolized Project” Press Release

“The Monopolized Project”

A Journey Into Blackness Through The Lens Of The Classic Monopoly Board Game.

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August 15, 2017


“The Monopolized Project” vividly presents a portrait of Black life in America. “Monopolized,” the film, chronicles the journey of an artist collective as they channel their personal, yet unmistakably familiar experiences in blackness. Observe as the artists traverse the simulation of an all too real and dangerous game of survival based upon the principles of the popular board game. The objective of this heinous high stakes game is to win; however obstacles abound. Players must defy the corrupted rules, conquer the dangerous terrain, and defeat the capitalist operating system in order to save their humanity. Get immersed in this alternate reality and experience how the monopolized harness the power to deconstruct the capitalist model and spawn a remarkable and unforeseen phenomena, the survival of blackness. What are the odds of your survival, are you equipped to win?

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ZANDERLAND Productions will screen its latest independent film, “Monopolized” as the featured digital exhibit at the nucleus of the immersive and interactive art installation entitled “The Monopolized Project.” Patrons of the exhibit will be invited to participate in the high stakes game of chance and engage with the artwork and its creators in an intimate environment, where “the lines between fallacy, fantasy, and multiple realities are blurred,” according to “Monopolized” director Zana Sanders.  “The Monopolized Project,” will debut Saturday, September 23rd, 2017, 7:00-10:00 pm in the evening at Abrams Creative Space, 565 Northside Drive SW, #7, Atlanta, GA 30310.

Bourgeoning indie filmmaker, Zana Sanders has developed a signature avant garde style that permeates the subconscious. As a director and experimental digital artist, Sanders creates provocative visual works of art that examine the cultural, social, and spiritual experience of blackness throughout the African Diaspora. Sanders channels her work as an exploration and expression of black aesthetics set to the tempo of staccato. Defying the use of Hollywood and mainstream media conventions, Sanders induces the psychological effect of placing the viewer between spaces, caught in a rupture of time, and transfixed in the negotiation of mental terrain where “reality” begins and ends.

The director’s latest endeavor invites the audience on a journey into the abridgment of space and time, where an alternate reality places Black America into a heinous simulation of a virtual gaming world based upon the corrupted rules of the popular board game, Monopoly. In this all too realistic dimension, Black lives are “monopolized” and become commodities of the capitalist gaming system.

Sanders describes the project as an amalgamation of genre and art mediums that incorporate the essence of the film – essay, cinema verite, documentary, and visual art. The film is designed to be experienced in the immersive reality of the “monopolized” world as designed by art director Khaldun Oluwa. The collaborative efforts of Sanders and Oluwa, brings “The Monopolized Project” to life through a three-dimensional recreation of the classic board game with a dark twist that incorporates a heavy dose of rawness and reality. The artist collective will debut “The Monopolized Project” as a community-based collaborative aimed to raise awareness and benefit society’s most marginalized and “monopolized” members.

For more information regarding the art installation and exhibition, please visit the virtual press office at: www.themonopolizedproject.com. For more information on director, Zana Sanders, please visit: www.zanderlandproductions.com. For more information on artist and set designer, Khaldun Oluwa, please visit: www.eternalblackness.com.

On social media, please follow themonopolizedproject and zanderlandproductions on Facebook for a more in-depth look into the making of the installation and film.

Additional information, including social media, available upon request.

The Monopolized Project Official Event

Issued by: Zana Sanders



Zana Sanders

Executive Producer & Director



Khaldun Oluwa

Executive Producer & Art Director/Set Designer



Darryl Lewis

Media Relations