My name is Darryl and I have a confession to make. I have an obsession with black art. This obsession stems from my childhood when I started doing artwork that reflected the various peoples within my own community. As I grew older, I’ve gained a better appreciation for the many hues, and hair textures displayed among those of the African diaspora. Social media has made it easier for black artists to expose their talents to the masses, however, most are still underrepresented and often ignored by the gatekeepers of the mainstream art world. My mission with The Black Art Fanatic is to interview these brilliant black artists and share their individual stories. By doing this, I’m hoping to open up a dialogue to help empower other black artists to continue to pursue their passions and change perspectives with their work. I will also research and share various resources and platforms for them to gain more exposure as well. As black visual artists, we are just as capable of producing powerful, noteworthy masterpieces. So, get ready to discover some phenomenal black artists, enjoy reading about their journeys, and gain some wisdom. Get comfortable and stay for awhile.