Artist Collective Redefining The Black Aesthetic


It is such an honor to collaborate with an exceptional artist collective – Zanderland Productions and Eternal Blackness Art. Headed by Zana Sanders and Khaldun Oluwa, the collective is revolutionizing the way we use art to engage and empower those within the African Diaspora. You’re probably already familiar with Khaldun, the prolific oil painter who I interviewed back in February. With his spectacular masterpieces and Zana’s compelling video production, they are ushering in a new era of Black ingenuity.

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Chat with Black Visual Artist – Corey Cooper


This week’s interview is with Corey Cooper, a veteran professional artist. His artwork left me astounded when I first spotted it on Instagram. I was enthralled by his detailed afrocentric visuals juxtaposed with a variety of shapes, and fluorescent colors. It’s truly a fulfilling experience to witness Corey’s supreme ability to illustrate vivid narratives with his craft. Read our discussion to get a more thorough perspective of Corey as an individual and his artistry.

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Black Visual Artist Chat – Destiney Powell


This week’s interview is with Destiney Powell. Destiney recently established a creative company of her own and focus on expanding her artistic vision. Upon discovering her artwork on Instagram, I was mesmerized by her precision of skin-tones, facial expressions, shadows, and hair textures along with her dazzling backgrounds. Read our conversation to learn more about Destiney and her fantastic artistry.

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